Don’t let Diabetes ruin date nights – Use BeatO Smart Glucometer

BeatO’s Smart Glucometer helps to monitor and keep a check on your blood sugar levels anytime and anywhere. Buy now –

Yoga Asanas For A Diabetic

This World Yoga Day, start your fitness journey with these simple asanas to keep active and agile. Don’t forget, physical activity combined with the right diet can help you keep Diabetes in check. To monitor your blood glucose regularly, use BeatO’s Smart Glucometer –

Symptoms of Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar) – Hindi

Do you suffer from low blood sugar? Our in-house Certified Diabetes Educator, Sujata Sharma shares symptoms and tips one should keep a check on.

#MomKaBeatO – Smartphone Glucometer

This Mother’s Day, care for the one who cares for you. Take charge of her health.

Diabetes & Skin care

Dr. Sanjiv Kandhari talks about how people with diabetes are prone to infections and why skin care is important.

Treating Hypoglycemia

Learn how to manage and monitor symptoms of hypoglycemia and prevent serious consequences.

Diabetes and discrimination

Discrimination against people with diabetes is not that uncommon. It happens in hiring, in job training, in promotions, and in benefits all the time.

Tips to deal with low Blood sugar levels

Find out how you can recover from sudden symptoms of hypoglycemia. 

Tips to store your insulin pen while commuting in car

Carrying your insulin pen when you travel?BeatO gives you quick tips on how you should store your pen to keep it damage free.  

Importance of nutrition in diabetes

Dr. Anita Jatana. Chief Dietitian. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital talks about Control of blood glucose in an effort to achieve normal or near-normal levels is a primary goal of diabetes management.

Travel with BeatO

Worried about traveling with Diabetes? Not anymore! Here’s your checklist – Don’t forget to carry your glucometer kit, prescription and medicines, insulin supply with cool packs, diabetes friendly snacks and doctor’s no. for emergency.

How to give yourself insulin shot

Learn how you can give yourself an insulin shot the right way with minimum pain.

Gift the Best Glucometer

Holi is the perfect time to relive your childhood. The mirth of laughter, playfulness, and delicious food!

Tips on insulin storage

How long can you keep insulin at room temperature? How long can you keep insulin out of the refrigerator? Can you use insulin if it was frozen? Is insulin supposed to be refrigerated?

BeatO Muesli – Diabetes friendly breakfast

Power pack your day with fibre-rich whole grain oats – all natural, no preservatives and low GI, with super seeds. Diabetes friendly, healthy and tasty breakfast.

BeatO Smartphone Glucometer Video

The BeatO Gucometer easily plugs into the Audio port of your Smartphone. When you take your reading, it is automatically saved on your phone and is instantly shared with family, Doctor and BeatO’s Diabetes Specialists.