Karela Juice: A Summer Savior

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Karela also known as Bitter Gourd in English not only makes a delicious curry but is also used for various medical purpose.  Karela juice has loads of important nutrients ranging from magnesium, iron and vitamins. It is also an excellent source of dietary fibre.

How it helps?

1.Rich in antioxidants:

Antioxidants protect from free radical damage caused due to pollution. A glass of karela juice contains roughly 26 mg of Vitamin C, which helps prevent aging and even cancer.

2.For diabetes:

Karela contains natural insulin which is beneficial in lowering blood sugar levels. It has many compounds but the 3 active compounds present make it such an effective Ayurvedic medicine.

3.Promotes healthy skin:

In summers, our skin tends to damage faster with the blaring sun and environmental pollution.  Karela juice boasts of Vitamin A and C which help prevent premature skin ageing, reduces wrinkles, and protects skin from harmful UV rays.

4.Blood purifier:

Karela juice helps purify blood and therefore helps keep acne and other skin diseases at bay.

5.For glowing skin:

Our skin tends to become dull and lifeless during summers. No amount of cream can give you that glow permanently until you repair it from within. Drinking karela juice on empty stomach helps to flush out toxin from our system and therefore imparts a healthy glow to the skin from within.

6.Improves digestion:

Karela helps cure gastrointestinal diseases and increases the production of enzymes that trigger digestion.

7.For hair health:

Dry and damaged hair is a common concern during summer and winters alike. Karela juice helps get rid of scalp issues and also promotes hair growth. It helps impart natural shine and luster to hair.

8.Helps in cleansing from within:

For smoke addicts, consumption of Karela juice helps detox the system by getting rid of nicotine. Regular consumption of karela juice fulfils majority deficiency of nutrients we require.The vitamins and nutrients present in Karela are higher when compared to other green vegetables and should be incorporated in our daily diet.


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