TrueHB Hemometer + 50 Strips + 50 Lancets

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Product Description:
TrueHb Hemoglobin measuring system is a device that helps you track hemoglobin levels of your body to optimize your lifestyle and prevent health conditions like kidney damage in diabetic patients, Hb management in pregnancy, CKD patients and monitoring internal bleeding for gastrointestinal diseases. TrueHb is packed with top of the line technical specifications that make it largest selling hemoglobin meter in India.

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QTY: One unit of TrueHB Hemometer (Containing 1 meter, 1 lancing device, 1 charger, 1 warranty card, 1 IFU)
Technical Specifications:
1. Blood Sample Volume: 8-12 microL.
2. Time Taken: Within 60 sec.
3. Operating Temperature: 5-45 Degree Celcius.
4. Accuracy: <3% CV.
5. Specificity: 100%.
6. Range of Measurement: 4-22g/dl.
7. Rechargeable Battery: 3.6 V.
Key Features:
1. Works on the advanced and novel principle of reflectance photometry.
2. Ultra-portable (<60 grams) and is auto-calibrated.
3. Stores 1000 test values on the device memory.
4. ISO-certified and CE-certified.
5. Can perform 300 tests (or 6 months idle time) with one full charge.
6. Bluetooth and USB connectivity.
How To Use ?
1. Switch on the meter and adjust the batch code using buttons on meter.
2. Place a strip and apply a single drop of blood on the test zone of the strip.
3. Get the hemoglobin value within a minute.

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