Smartphone Glucometer (20 strips)

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What is included?
  • 1 Smartphone Glucometer
  • 20 Strips
  • 20 Lancets
  • 1 Lancing device
  • 3 Month FREE Diabetes Expert Support
  • 1 User manual

Key Features:
  • Small & Easy
  • Accurate
  • Long battery life (5 years/4000 tests)
  • Tiny blood sample (0.6uL)

Product Description

BeatO Smartphone Glucometer simply plugs into the headphone jack of your phone and takes reading on the phone.Once the reading is taken, it is automatically saved on your phone and also sent to our Certified Diabetes Educators who then monitor and guide you on nutrition, physical activity, medicine adherence and lifestyle management.


  • simrit
    Simrit Dhall

    Easy and compact to use, it has helped me once again become regular with self-monitoring.

  • bpsingh

    Glucometer combined with personalized diabetes education gave me good understanding of my body and how to control my diabetes.

  • dharamrup
    Deepa Dharamrup

    Diabetes Experts spotted my sugar reading trend was going low and called me immediately to help me know what to do, especially at night.

  • ashok
    Ashok Awasthi

    I can now manage my insulin with regular monitoring using BeatO Glucometer and advice from BeatO Educator Tushima.


Is this a Glucometer?

Yes. This small, tiny and sleek looking device is your very own glucometer in a new avatar . It simply connects to your smartphone and lets you keep a record of your sugar levels and share them with BeatO diabetes expert.

Do I need any other device or another glucometer if I own the BeatO glucometer?

No. You just need the BeatO glucometer and a smartphone(Android or iOS) with the BeatO app installed on it.

How is this Glucometer better than other glucometers in the market?

The BeatO glucometer is a much smaller, neater and compact design. It connects to your phone and helps you record your sugar levels on the app and see your blood sugar trends through simple graphs. Your readings are also automatically transmitted to our Diabetes Educators who monitor and track your progress and proactively guide you to better manage your diabetes.

What is the warranty period?

1 year

What is the replacement policy?

The device will be replaced within 1 year warranty period.

What phone must I have to connect the Glucometer to?

You must have an Android or iOS smartphone.

How will I buy extra strips and lancets?

These can be bought on, along with several other diabetes related products and services.

Is this a normal glucometer?

Yes! Absolutely. We do not just build technology we design it, test it and then re-test it. The device has +/-10% accuracy. It has been compared and tested with other well known glucometers in the market such as accu-check, one touch etc.