BeatO Glucometer with 50 Strips and 50 Lancets

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Product Description
Measuring blood glucose levels anytime, anywhere is now possible with BeatO’s compact smartphone glucometer. With this mobile-based glucometer, you can effortlessly take sugar readings, sync with the BeatO App and maintain a log of all your previous readings to understand the pattern of your sugar levels. This not only allows you to make necessary changes in your diet and lifestyle but also helps your doctor in monitoring your medication.

The BeatO SMART glucometer kit comes with 50 RGB Sinocare Test Strips & 50 Ambitech Round Lancets.
• Compact, easy to carry and connects to your smartphone via the 3.5 mm audio jack.
• Works seamlessly with Android devices and iPhones.
• Clinically approved accuracy. Glucometer is CE and ISO Certified.
• Works with feature rich BeatO App. See trends and analysis through simple graphs to understand your body better.
• Constant monitoring of your readings by our team of diabetes experts, who then guide you to better health choices.
• Automatic alert system to keep important people informed when your reading is high or low. You can choose your family, doctor or friends or all via the BeatO app.

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What’s Included?
1 x BeatO Smartphone Glucometer
1 x RGB Sinocare 50 Test Strips
1 x Ambitech 50 Round Lancets
1 x Lancing Device
1 x Travel Pouch
1 x User Manual
Don’t just Monitor, Manage Diabetes
The BeatO SMART glucometer kit has been developed with the latest technology to give you a small device with big benefits. BeatO is not just a glucometer, it gives you free access to the feature rich BeatO App.

Unbelievably Small and Light
Our glucometer is as small and light as two coins. Carry your pocket-sized glucometer safely in your waterproof pouch included in your kit, anywhere.

Clinical Standard Accuracy
BeatO SMART glucometer is CE and ISO certified, and follows the necessary protocols for accuracy (+/- 15%).

Individually Packed RGB Sinocare Safe-Accu 2 Strips
All strips are packed individually for hygiene and convenience.

Top Quality Ambitech Round Lancets
Super-fine round points ensure less painful prick. These lancets are precisely effective and require comparatively very less amount of blood sample than other standard lancets.

Easy and Advanced Monitoring
Through the BeatO App, automatically save and organize readings in the log, get color - coded results to identify high/low and normal readings, access charts and trends of your sugar levels. It’s easy to understand your sugar levels with BeatO.

How is this Glucometer better than other glucometers in the market?
BeatO is not just a glucometer, combined with our feature rich BeatO App it helps you monitor and manage diabetes better in the following ways:
BeatO SMART – Helps you monitor like a pro with features to save, share and analyse your readings on the app.
BeatO CARE – Speak to a doctor on call with zero waiting time! Get unlimited support from our team of medical experts via chat and call.
Simply connect the BeatO Glucometer to your Smartphone and get going.

Is the glucometer as accurate as a normal glucometer?
Yes! Absolutely. We do not just build technology, we design it, test it and then re-test it. The device is CE & ISO Certified and follows the necessary protocols for accuracy (+/-15%). It has been compared and tested with other well-known glucometers in the market such as Accu-Chek, OneTouch etc.

What is the warranty period?
5 Years

What is the replacement policy?
The device will be replaced within the 5-year warranty period.

What phone must I have to connect the Glucometer to?
You must have an Android or iOS Smartphone.

Is Internet required for checking blood sugar with this Glucometer?
Internet is not required for checking blood sugar.

Does this Glucometer Kit require a battery?
No Batteries are required.

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