Medtech Handyvap Steam Inhaler

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Product Description :
A steam healer provides instant steam and is a safe, drug free and convenient way to give fast and natural relief to people suffering from colds, congestions and sinus congestion, laryngitis or allergies. It provides the right amount of humidity where it is required in the upper respiratory area.

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QTY: One unit of handyvap steam inhaler & IFU
Input Voltage: AC 220V, 50 Hz
Weight: 270GM APPRX
Product Dimension: 100mm X 100mm X 180mm
Key Features:
1. 100% plastic body to prevent shocks. 2. Cord 1.5 meter high. 3. Double wall body to avoid any injury due to hot water while handling the machine. 4. Special locking to avoid accidental opening to safeguard from spilling hot water and burn. 5. Can use with Hard, Soft or R/O Water.
How To Use ?
1. Open the cap by moving it anti-clockwise.
2. Fill in the bottle upto half level & move it clockwise to close the cap.
3. Put the plug in socket & switch on power, wait for some time.
4. Vapor will start coming uniformly, then take your nose close to vapor and inhale.
5. Ensure the water level is not below minimum level.
6. When finish inhalation switch off the power.

Can I Return This Product?
It is non-returnable product.

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