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Oppo Fitness Resistance Band Green

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Product Description :
Oppo Band system provides progressive resistance, color-coded from yellow to silver. Ideal for rehabilitation, improving functional ability, and improving exercise performance.

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QTY: One Unit of Oppo Band
Length: 1.5 meters / 5 feet.
Key Features:
1. For strengthening, stretching, muscle reeducation, coordination and core exercises.
2. Simple to use and portable to take anywhere.
How to take care of Oppo Band ?
1. Wipe OPPO Band with a towel after use.
2. Store bands in dry, ventilated and cool environment to extend product life.
3. Store OPPO Band away from rough, sharp or abrasive surfaces and sunlight.
4. Always check Oppo Band before use for tears or nicks to prevent injuries.

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