Karela Jamun Juice & Apple Cider Vinegar Combo

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Product Description:
Maintain healthy blood sugars naturally with a discounted combo pack of Karela Jamun Juice and Apple Cider Vinegar – sourced from fresh natural ingredients.

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What’s included?
Quantity: 1 x Karela Jamun Juice & 1 x Apple Cider Vinegar of 250ml each
Shelf Life: 18 months from date of manufacture for each

Karela Jamun juice is known for its benefits for people with diabetes and related problems. It is low in calories, high in dietary fibre and acts as a natural blood purifier. The natural combination of Karela and Jamun also helps cure joint pains, liver damage, indigestion, jaundice, muscular pains and stomach worms.

Apple Cider Vinegar has been specially formulated from the goodness of all 'Natural Himalayan' Apple Juice. It has been brewed with a scientifically optimised process with fresh herbs and bottled at peak of its freshness. It is raw, unfiltered and unpasteurised. BeatO Apple Cider contains the essential 'mother' which is considered the most beneficial part of the vinegar.

Who should use/buy this product?
In Ayurveda, Karela and Jamun are used as a blood purifier and sugar level management ingredient and helps heal various inflammations and other blood related problems. Karela and Jamun combination is a well reported anti-diabetic agent and is known to manage blood sugar levels in traditional as well as scientific literatures.

Apple Cider Vinegar supplies the polyphenols (natural anti-oxidants) essential for routine health benefits and relieves the stress. Vinegar can help decrease the glycemic index in a meal. Vinegar consumption during/after a meal is useful in the treatment of obesity.

How to use?
1-2 tablespoons in a glass of water and consume on empty stomach every morning or as advised by your healthcare professional.

What precautions are to be considered for using?
Pregnant or feeding mothers should not consume this product until instructed by a healthcare professional. Do not consume pure directly and use as per instruction given above.


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