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Product Description:
Karela Jamun juice is known for its benefits for people with diabetes and related problems. It is low in calories, high in dietary fibre and acts as a natural blood purifier. The natural combination of Karela and Jamun also helps cure joint pains, liver damage, indigestion, jaundice, muscular pains and stomach worms.

  • Regular consumption may help manage cholesterol levels.
  • It may improve insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar levels.
  • May improve heart health as it contains proteins, enzymes, bacteria good for health.

Enjoy healthy drink with the goodness of natural ingredients : unfiltered and unpasteurised.

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What’s included?
Quantity: 1 x Karela Jamun Juice of 250ml Shelf Life: 18 months from the date of manufacture Enjoy healthy drink with the goodness of natural ingredients – unfiltered and unpasteurised.

– Karela fruit juice (89%), Jamun Seed Extract 10%, Acidity Regulator (E-330), Preservatives (E-202 E-211).

Nutritional Value – per 100ml

  • Energy (Kcal): 36.48
  • Carbohydrates (g): 8.63
  • Sugar (g): 0
  • Protein (g): 0.49
  • Fat (g): 0
  • Vitamin C (mg): 20.80
  • Potassium (mg): 30.32
  • Sodium (mg): 64.1
  • Iron (mg): 5.61
  • Calcium (mg): 10.2
  • Copper (mg): 0.06
  • Zinc (mg): 0.49

Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels, given their rich content of dietary fibre, minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants. Karela is low in calories, rich in phyto-nutrients, and is well known Ayurvedic herb to regulate blood sugar level.

How to consume it?

  • Mix 1-2 tbsp (15-30ml) in a glass of water.
  • Consume empty stomach every morning or 30 minutes prior to meal.
  • Consult your diabetes educator or healthcare professional before consumption.

Who should use/buy this product?
In Ayurveda, Karela and Jamun are used as a blood purifier and sugar level management ingredient and helps heal various inflammations and other blood related problems. Karela and Jamun combination is a well reported anti-diabetic agent and is known to manage blood sugar levels in traditional as well as scientific literatures.

How to use?
1-2 tablespoons in a glass of water and consume on empty stomach every morning or as advised by your healthcare professional.

What to do once opened?
Once opened, you can refrigerate below 8°C and consume within 45 days.

What precautions are to be considered for using?
Pregnant or feeding mothers should not consume this product until instructed by a healthcare professional. Do not consume pure directly and use as per instruction given above.

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