Healthy Diet Plan to Keep Diabetes at Bay

It is essential to have a balanced, planned and nutritious diet. A good diet should be flexible, with ample choices and also customized to one’s needs.

There should be a focus on the carbohydrate count and the glycemic index. If the diabetic diet plan is set right, it will help in controlling the sugar levels, the cholesterol and the weight.

There should also be a balance between food for diabetics, the physical activity plan and the insulin or oral dosage. It is best to take the help of a Diabetes Educator to formulate the right plan and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Some foods which are healthy include vegetables, whole grains, fruit, beans, lean meats and poultry, low fat dairy products and fish.

It is essential to make the right choices. Picking up foods rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins and including them in your diabetic diet over packaged and processed foods is the right way.

Don’t stress. Here are 10 simple tips to follow when eating out and selecting food for diabetics:

Eat on time – Especially if you are taking Diabetes pills or insulin shots. Make a reservation in advance and/or request the people who are accompanying you to go at a time that suits you.

Size matters – Order small portions or share. Sometimes it helps to pack half the portion in advance for take-away, so you are not tempted to eat more.
Snack up – When invited for a dinner at a friend’s place where you are not sure what will be served; eat a snack before you go.

Substitute – Ask for healthy substitutes. If you get rice or fries on the side ask the restaurant if you can increase the quantity of vegetables instead.
Do your research – It helps to go through the menu before booking to be sure of what you can order and if there is enough choice.

Avoid fried and high-carb foods – These can easily increase your sugar levels.
Be Creative – Order fresh fruit for dessert or combine an appetizer and salad for your main course.

Sauces and dressings – Ask for sauces, salad dressings, gravy on the side. Dip your food in the sauce as this helps you save on the calories and carbs yet savor the taste.
Cooking style – Grilled, steamed or baked are better options as they help retain nutrients in your food and are normally healthier.

Always ask – if the chef can personalize a dish for you and make it healthier or to your preference.

It is always good to have healthy eating plans for the whole family so that the diabetic patient feels inclusive, and also the whole family eats together. To ensure your sugar levels remain within the prescribed limit, regular monitoring is essential using a compact glucometer.

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