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Indians are living
with diabetes

In order to accomplish our goal of providing first class care to control and reverse diabetes, we at BeatO measure, test and study our processes. Here’s where our scientific research comes in, so that we can provide clinically verified methods to improve the health and quality of life of BeatO users



of cases are of Type 2 diabetes


of more remain undiagnosed

It is expected to double
in the next

3 decades

Diabetes continues to rise in India

Diabetes continues to rise in India.

BeatO Study Results

As published in Dovepress

Reductions in Fasting, Pre & Post meals
values of blood sugar







Significant reduction in Hypoglycemia
episodes, post-counseling

Fasting Hypoglycemia58.5%

Fasting Hypoglycemia

Pre-prandial Hypoglycemia48.1%

Pre-prandial Hypoglycemia

Post-prandial Hypoglycemia61.8%

Post-prandial Hypoglycemia

What worked for People with Type 2
Diabetes using BeatO

Real-time transmission of data

Real-time transmission
of data

Instant feedback mechanism

Instant feedback

Counseling by certified BeatO diabetes educators

Counseling by certified
BeatO diabetes educators

Science shows the path

Published in

American Diabetes Association (2023)

BeatO's digital diabetes care management program among people with diabetes showed good efficacy in terms of glycemic control and weight loss. Hence, the implementation of digital technology in diabetes care can help in increasing access and awareness of diabetes care and achieving glycemic targets.

Published in

Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes (2022)

BeatO's mobile app based diabetes-care program, which provides complete care including blood glucose monitoring, diabetes education, personalized nutrition therapy, physician consultation and the medicines provided at the doorstep, is an effective digital solution for management of diabetes.

Published in

IDF World Diabetes Congress, Lisbon (2022)

BeatO's smartphone-connected care ecosystem with real-time telephonic counselling triggered by SMBG helps improve glycemic control. It also helps in improving the frequency of self-monitoring of blood glucose.

Published in

Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes (2022)

BeatO’s real time SMBG triggered CDE counselling effectively controlled overall hyperglycaemia & maintained a good target-in-range glucose levels in diabetes subjects during lockdown.

Published in

Dovepress (2021)

Digitally supported and real-time SMBG-driven counselling was effective in glycemic control and reduction of hypoglycemic episodes in T2DM patients in India. Moreover, reduction in hypoglycemia may be due to back end real-time support of CDE intervention.

Published in

Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes (2021)

BeatO Curv has shown high diagnostic accuracy as compared to the standard reference blood glucose-monitoring method.

Published in

Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes (2021)

SMBG and real-time engagement along with individualized care by a multidisciplinary team is effective in reducing hypoglycemia incidence and improving overall glycemic control.

Clinically proven health impact published
in top medical institutions around the world


Reduction in hypoglyce mia incident post Health Coach counselling

Advanced Technologies
& Treatments for Diabetes


Reduction in fasting sugar levels within just 45 days

American Diabetes


Reduction in overall glucose levels within 3 months

Advanced Technologies
& Treatments for Diabetes


Reduction in estimated HbA1c levels within 1 year

Advanced Technologies
& Treatments for Diabetes

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